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Puppy training

Suitable for: puppies 8 weeks+ (talk to us if your puppy can't go out in public  yet as we have options for you)


4 sessions


6 sessions

Teach your Puppy how to be an AWESOME member of the family

Start by understanding the '6 Paws laws' 


What you should never do with your pup (which most people do!) and what can happen if you break the 6 puppy laws!


Start off good habits and training early

Lets teach them to

❌Stop Jumping Up
❌Stop Biting
❌Stop peeing on the carpet

✅Sit, Down 
✅teach 'leave' to avoid chewed household items
✅Walk nicely on a lead
✅Come back when Called


All of the above can be completed within a bronze package. 

Dont want to stop after 4 weeks? Most don't ! Look at our Silver package for more training

In addition to all the basics on the Bronze package we can also offer

extended training with relation to

  • Relationship building

  • Whistle training

  • Scentwork

  • impulse control

  • Flirt pole

  • advanced loose lead walking

  • advanced recall

Once you have purchased a package you can click on 'book service' at the top of the site, and book all your sessions in one go! 

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