Private puppy training


Suitable for: puppies 8 weeks+

Teach your Puppy how to be an AWESOME member of the family

Start by understanding the '6 Paws laws' 


What you should never do with your pup (which most people do!) and what can happen if you break the 6 puppy laws!


Start off good habits and training early

Lets teach them to

❌Stop Jumping Up
❌Stop Biting
❌Stop peeing on the carpet

✅Sit, Down 
✅teach 'leave' to avoid chewed household items
✅Walk nicely on a lead
✅Come back when Called


Once you have purchased a private puppy program you can click on 'book service' at the top of the site, and book all your future sessions in one go! 

Done the beginner puppy classes already and want MORE? or have a pup that can do all of the above anyway? No problem, 

We have the puppy intermediate course (approx age 6-12 M) where we teach your adolescent dog the value of staying close to you, we teach your pup that you are better than its surroundings and help build that bond. Game based fun which will help with your general obedience