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Puppy Social - Please note we are currently not running these sessions.

After getting your new puppy and taking it home to a strange new home, with no mummy dog and no playmates, you can imagine life can be a little strange for your pups until now...!

Watch the pups of the same age play hard with each other, just like they did with their litter.


The aim of socialising your new puppy isn't putting them in a new environment and seeing how they get on. Its about creating positive new experiences so they are not fearful or frightened of the world around them. Thats why all our play sessions are fun and grouped with similar age/size pups.

We have 2 sessions which run on Sat/Tues evenings for 45mins

8-15 weeks 5:30pm

16weeks-24weeks  6:30pm

24 weeks + we offer similar sessions on a thursday....

Sessions are just £6.95 and we do not tie you to a 6 week course as we know everyone likes flexibility!

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